Success Stories

Dear Merl Sir,

Sorry that I couldn’t write to you for a long time. I’m sure you & your staff are doing very well & busy as the New Year is approaching.

Well, I am writing to convey my thanks to you. As I told you, I have successfully completed my two-year NZDB course in NZ with seven “A” passes. So I’m very happy with my results & thanks for helping me to select this country & the course.

The principal personally spoke tome to me & he is very happy with my progress. Before I left the college I thanked all the staff members, teachers & I also mentioned your name. You are the reason I’m here. Since you advised me properly, it was easy to for me to achieve these results. I feel that this is a good place if one actually wants to gain knowledge & experience. Yet, certain students choose the wrong path due to unlimited freedom.

As you know I have helped some SL students & I’m glad to help your students in future too. So now, it’s time for me to find a job related to HR & Admin here & I’m sure it will not be difficult with my academic qualifications & work experience. This short message is from me & my wife to thank you & we wish you & your staff a

Happy New Year!

Hoping to see you soon!
Thank you once again!

Prabhash Dias


Dear Merl Sir,

Hope you all are doing well.

We are very happy to inform you that we have received permanent residence visa in New Zealand now. I really must express my gratitude for the information and advice you have given to me at the time selecting the country & course which resulted in this achievement. Without your help, it would not have been possible.

So thank you very much for giving me the correct advice at the right time.

I love the time I spent at *** college with SL students. After my graduation, I found a job as an Accounts & HR Officer in a shipping company located at Onehunga, Auckland. Since this is exactly what I was doing in Sri Lanka, it wasn’t too hard me to reach this target. So again, thank you so much. I sincerely appreciate your generosity and time!

My wife Desika also joins me in thanking you today.

Therefore, please accept our big thank for you for your service.


Prabhash, Desika & Little king Ryan.

Prabhash Dias
New Zealand Diploma in Business – Level 06, New Zealand

Dear sir,

It’s Shenal here. My college is a very good education institute. QAG is a reputed institute in New Zealand. The teachers are also very friendly with students. I made lots of friends here.

I’m thanking you very much for giving me a new life in New Zealand. If there is anything that I can do for you, please let me know.

Shenal Fernando

Shenal Fernando
Diploma in Business Management – Level 05 & 06, New Zealand

Dear Mr. Perera,

How are you? We came here safely. Right from the next day, I started my studies. Our student adviser was there at the airport when we arrived and she is very helpful.

NMIT is a good college having sufficient facilities including library, online student learning support etc.. NZ Education system is high standard than ours and interacting with the lecturers is easier. All the information related to my studies was provided on the very first day itself and it has really helped me a lot. There are also some shops giving discounts to NMIT students on their purchases.

Nelson is a beautiful small city having a good weather to live in. I believe that I have chosen the right place to study in New Zealand and thank you for your cooperation & for making it easier for me.

With best regards,
Ishara Sewwandi

Ishara Sewwandi
Graduate Diploma in Marketing – Level 07, New Zealand

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is to bring to your kind notice that I Ayesha Gunatunga of Sri Lanka has already received the Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management Certificate. Thank you very much. I should be thankful to you for the service and the guidance provided to me during my study at the institute. Kindly let me pay my respect and honor to all lecturers, academic and non academic staff at the Institute and the staff at Overseas Education Services, Sri Lanka for their excellent service rendered to me.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
Ayesha Gunatunga

Ayesha Gunatunga
Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management, Singapore

Hi Sir,

This is Kasun. I should be so thankful to you that I could reach my dreams with your guidance to get my visa to New Zealand for my higher studies. The college is so good for studies and the staff & the lectures are so helpful. I’m so happy to be in New Zealand and study at NSIA. Everything over here is going pretty well and I’m getting used to everything in New Zealand.

Thank you so much for everything, for being by my side and for guiding me to achieve these things.

Thank you,
Yours faithfully,
Kasun Chinthaka.

Kasun Chinthaka
Diploma in International Cookery & Pattiserie – Level 05, New Zealand

Dear Mr. Perera,

I’m doing good here. I’m enjoying my studies too. Thank you very much for your great assistance. I hope you are in good health & I’m hoping to see you in July.

Best regards from Dilantha

Dilantha Prasad
New Zealand Diploma in Business - Level 06, New Zealand

Dear Mr. Perera,

I have arrived in New Zealand and I am already feeling lucky to be in this beautiful country. This is a very nice and beautiful country. Thank you very very much for this opportunity that you have set up for me. I couldn’t have done this without you. Thank you again and I’ll keep in touch with you.



Dear Mr. Perera,

How are things with you? I am doing pretty good In New Zealand. You helped me to achieve my dream & I thank you from the bottom of my heart. As you can see the signature of this e-mail, ICL hired me as their Network Administrator which was a huge leap in both my life and carrier towards success. However, I have to say that nothing comes easy, one has to work hard & do their best for everything to workout.

My wife also got an opportunity to join Auckland Transport which is a government body and she is also doing well. Both of us are currently having our work visas and hoping to apply for PR soon.

One thing I have to say is that, this is a very good country, well developed, peaceful and a very beautiful place to live with the family. Honesty, hard work, right attitudes, politeness and especially respect will make you a successful person in New Zealand.

Thank you very much again Mr. Perera and give my regards to everyone.


Dear Mr. Merl,

Last week our Residence Visa was approved by INZ and both of us want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the help and support that you have given from the beginning of this journey. It was not an easy journey from our arrival to the residence visa. There were difficult times and I guess it is normal when you step into a whole new world on the other side of the globe. The only thing that we never did was giving up! We did the best we could and showed what we have to offer for the well being of NZ.

Thank you very much again for everything that you have done for us.


Amal Chandrasena
National Diploma in Computing - Level 07, New Zealand

Hi Mr. Perera,

How are you? Hope you are doing well. We have now found a house and a car. I also found a part-time job & my wife is also working as a community support worker in NZ Healthcare.
Many thanks for your help and effort & we will keep in touch with you. We will never forget you!

Kind regards,
Nuwan & Randima

Nuwan Rathnayaka
Graduate Diploma in information Technology, New Zealand

Dear Mr. Perera,

Hope you are doing good in SL. We too are doing good here in New Zealand. Winter is no more and we are looking forward to summer and it’s really beautiful over here. I wanted to let you know that I got a new part-time job at ‘Pak n Sav’ in Henderson. By the way, I have got four months of studies left and everything is going well.

Best regards,
Lahiru & Jeewani

Jeewani Xavier
Diploma in Information Technology – Level 07, New Zealand

Dear Mr. Perera,

I hope you are fine. I want to tell you some good news. My husband got a two-year work permit. So our child is also going to start schooling from next week. A lawyer advised that after a year, my husband would be able to apply for PR. I wanted to inform you because you are the one who supported us to come to New Zealand.
I am sure you are happy to hear this news.

Thanks & best regards,
Dayani & Mahesh

Dayani Prabhapriya
National Certificate in Earlly Childhood Education, New Zealand