Success Stories

Dear Merl Sir,

I hope you are doing well in Sri Lanka. I should be so thankful to you for your great assistant. At the moment I am staying in the hostel and it is a nice place. The college and the staff are so helpful. Rotorua is a very beautiful city with a peaceful environment. I have met some Sri Lankan students who are studying here. I wanted to let you know that I got a part time job. So I am doing well here.

Thanks a lot for everything you have done for me.

Kind regards,

Shashi Jayarathne
Graduate Diploma of Computing & Technology - Level 07, New Zealand

Dear Mr. Merl,

First of all I would like to apologize for the delay in writing this e-mail. As you know I was suffering from cultural shock initially after I arrived here.

Secondly, let me take this opportunity to highly appreciate you and your stuff .You were always there, calmly responding to every enquiry and encouraging us throughout.

I am aware that you handle every single case with such care and hence the visa process becomes successful… just as you did mine successfully.

I was highly disappointed since almost everybody had told me that it was impossible to get the visa to New Zealand. Yet, you did your best and truly, you did a great job. I would like to appreciate your efforts once more!

Wish you success as always!

Once a again thank you very much for everything!

Sachini Fernando

Sachini Fernando
Diploma in International Cookery & Patisserie - Level 05, New Zealand

Dear Mr. Perera,

Hope you are fine. We gladly want to take this chance to inform you that our Residence visa was approved by INZ and we really appreciate your guidance that you have given us, as a result of which we are here today. We wish you all the very best and without any doubt we would definitely recommend OES to anybody who is willing to study abroad. Thank you!

Sevwandi & Akila

Sevwandi Kulathilaka
National Certificate in Early Childhood Education, New Zealand


So, we are finally here in Invercargill. And we are writing to thank you.

Of course it has only been 6 days since we arrived, we are still settling in. All in all everything is just perfect.

We were picked by the person from the institute at the airport on our arrival and was chauffeured to our accommodation. Since there was a bit of a rush with students still arriving and students checking out we were given an apartment which was about 30 minutes away from the main campus. The apartment was clean, warm and comfortable and fully furnished. We were given 150 NZD to buy our initial necessities also.

Though we missed most of the orientation programmes, we were able to join the farm trip. The Pastoral care manager accompanied us in the bus and we had a fabulous day out in the open fields chasing after sheep, and learning about sheep farming and all about dairy farming. Staff members of the institute and of course the Sri Lankan students who are seniors are just so helpful, we feel as if we are so well looked after.

The following week the institute moved us closer to the campus and now we are just 5 minutes away from the campus which is very good because the cold is closing in with the winter.

The classes are conducted everyday during the week days and there is a strict schedule and course work is very deep as befitting a level 8 program. The lecturers are great with their distinct styles and huge teaching capacities and the classroom is just great with students from practically all over Asia. It’s a very friendly and academic atmosphere here.

The people are a great surprise. The Southerners in particular are so warm and friendly. It’s very easy to get everything done because everyone is so helpful with the distinct unhurried Kiwi tradition. The accent is a bit of a problem sometimes but these people are so patient and will happily accommodate you at all times.

Living cost is very low and city is very clean. Vehicles are very cheap and we have already made the necessary arrangements to buy ourselves one, the transaction would probably happen tomorrow.

My husband and I are very happy here and we are writing to thank you and let you know that we are okay. The only dark cloud in the sky is we are missing our children but by the time Lakmal comes back and return we plan to bring them here as well because we feel that this is exactly where they should be brought up. We will send you some photographs later since I don’t have the pen drive in which I saved them right now. If you go to the Facebook page of the institute, the campus has posted Lakmal’s photographs there.

I’m hoping to hear from you.
Thanks again, all the best!

Lakmal and Tharanga

Nishanthi Tharanga
Postgraduate Diploma in Business Enterprise - Level 08, New Zealand

Dear Mr. Merl,

We got a newly built apartment yesterday and we moved in to it. It is complete with all the facilities and we are really happy with it. I got my daughter enrolled to Girls’ High School and son to Middle school. They will be starting school on Monday. Things are becoming smooth and easy. Shanika will get a job very soon. Our orientation was really good and enjoyable. It was over on Thursday and course work will begin on Monday.

Hope everything is going well with you. Convey our regards to your daughter too.


Dear Mr. Merl,

Once again thank you very much for your guidance. We are getting on well.

I am almost at the end of the 1st semester. My studies are going on well. Kids were entered to good schools and they are enjoying their studies and are happy to stay here. My husband got a job at ***.

Hope everything is fine with you in Sri Lanka.

Esther & Shanika


Dear Mr. Merl,

Hope everything is going well with you. We are all doing good over here and especially writing to inform you that we have got our Permanent Residency. We applied for it within 1 1/2 years, got full marks for the PGD in Business Enterprise and for the job which Shanika is doing. At present, I am also working as an Accommodation Assitant  & Library Assistant for the institute.

We received the confirmation in January and got the passports on 23rd of February. This is a great achievement in our lives which we achieved just under two years after our arrival in New Zealand. Thank you for guiding and supporting us to come here. Meeting you was a turning point in our lives which has benefited our kids in having a bright future.

Our daughter and son are doing their studies well at Southland Girl’s High School and Boys High School respectively. It is the last year of daughter’s school and she is planning on going to the University to study Health Sciences which is a dream come true as we have obtained Permanent Residency. My son plays cricket for the school team along with taking part in many other extra-curricular activities.

Once again thank you so much for all that you’ve done in achieving an almost impossible goal in our lives.

Herewith I have attached photos from our Graduation Ceremony and these photographs are taken by your client and our good friend Mr. Lakmal Fernando.


Kind Regards,

Esther & Shanika.

Esther Smith
Postgraduate Diploma in Business Enterprise - Level 08, New Zealand

Dear Merl sir,

I’m writing this letter to thank you for helping me to make my dream come true. Initially I had no proper idea about overseas education, but after meeting you and discussing, I was clear about everything.

Today, I’m keeping well here. I’m also doing a job related to my course. It was your guidance that gave me all these opportunities, I have no words to thank you.

Thank you very very very much!

Rishen Lakshan
(Your overseas student)

Rishen Lakshan
Diploma in International Cookery & Pattisserie - Level 05, New Zealand

Dear Mr. Perera,

We just completed 3 months in NZ, and it was really great,interesting, fun and relaxing. All in all we are having a wonderful time and enjoying many things, these people are very friendly. The weather is also very favourable.

We are deeply grateful for your support & guidance. Our appreciation is ineffable, we cannot explain how much this will help us with our educational and career goals. We simply had a plan of things to do but did not have a clue about the best order or what was the most important out of those. Overseas Education Services enabled us to study without stressing about our financial situation.

Ever since I was small, I have always dreamt of achieving excellence in life. Today, I feel one step closer to being an accomplished professional in the Business Management field. The increased competition of qualified candidates pursing higher education has made the admittance for universities extremely competitive. This Business School is blessed with kind people who highly support students in receiving a greater education. Lecturers patiently guide us according to our plans and everyone has made it possible for hardworking students to pursue a good higher education, and thus a better life. I am highly involved in school activities. I am so grateful to you for this opportunity,because I will be able to achieve my dream of graduating in two years and become successful in life.

We would love to return one day and we definitely & wholeheartedly recommend overseas education service to anyone who is looking for guidance to arrive in NZ.

Best Regards 🙂 !
Ajani & Udara

Ajani Fonseka
Diploma in Business Computing - Level 07, New Zealand

Hi Mr. Merl,

We came to Nelson safely and a person from the college came with a Sri Lankan student and picked us from the Nelson airport.

We are now at our hostel. This is a nice small city and we had a walk around the city on the first day itself.

Thanks a lot for everything you have done for us and we will get back to you soon with more information.

Nayani & Dulmin

Nayani Dilhani
Graduate Diploma in Accounting, New Zealand

Dear Mr. Merl,

Sorry for the delay but I would be happy to inform you that we got the Resident Permit few weeks ago and would like to thank you too. My job was in the skilled shortage list and apart from that some points from Rumasha’s qualification also helped as she was about to finish the degree. We didn’t even think that it would process so fast but it happened!

We have a plan to visit SL soon and would like to meet you. Once again, thank you for guiding us here.
All the best!

Chinthaka and Rumasha

Rumasha Muthumala
Bachelor of Applied Business Studies, New Zealand

Hi Mr. Merl,

I am happy to say that I have got a part-time job now. I would like to thank you for your advice. Kiwi people are nice, I work for a kiwi family. They help us a lot because they are happy with my work.

New Zealand is a really good place to live. Ideal for a family because all the facilities are there. Even though it is a bit difficult in the beginning, later on we can lead a good life!

Thanks& Regards,
Keep in touch!

Haritha Wijewardhane
Diploma in Computing - Level 07, New Zealand