Success Stories

Hi Mr Perera,

I have completed my diploma and my graduation was on last Friday. Thanks very much for your fullest support and here i have attached some graduation photos for you. Please find the attached photos. Thanks!



Anton Nalin
Diploma in Business - Level 06, New Zealand

Dear Mr. Merl,

My supervisors at the university are very kind and supportive. I also met few Sri Lankan students who are doing PhD here.

You are the one who guided me to get this valuable opportunity. Thanks a lot for it!
Thanks again for your excellent service. Dilhani also did a very good job.

I would definitely recommend OES to anyone who wants to go abroad for their studies.

Kind Regards
Nadeesha & Priyantha

Nadeesha Jayasena
PhD, New Zealand

Dear Mr Merl,

I hope you are doing well. I arrived in New Zealand safely. Yesterday, I attended the orientation & felt better after visiting the University. Thank You for your guidance and support. I have already recommended you to one of my friends.

Thanks a lot for everything you have done for me. Give my regards to Ms. Dilhani as well.

I wish you all the best!


Thank You,

Best regards.

Sonali Rangika

Sonali Rangika
Diploma in Applied Science Standard, New Zealand

Dear Sir,

The message from INZ regarding my family made me so happy and would like to thank you again for everything you have done for me and my family.

At the moment I am working as a community support worker for a Health Care company in New Zealand. It is a permanent (part-time) job. They are very supportive and encouraging.

Thank you.




Pavitra Sandamali
Diploma in Health Services Management - Level 07, New Zealand

Dear Mr. Merl,

Hope you are doing good, we’re doing good here and our college is supporting our studies a lot. Niyomi helped me with the college stuff just as you had asked her. If there are more of your students joining this college, let me know. I can give them a helping hand. Thanks for everything, your guidance etc… I wish you all the best hope you guide more Sri Lankan students to study abroad.

Thanks & regards

Lahiru Dineshan


Lahiru Dineshan
Diploma in Computing - Level 07, New Zealand

Dear Mr. Merl,

I arrived in NZ safely yesterday. I went to the college for enrollment and they were very helpful.

Sir, thank u very much for the support and guidance you gave me.

Thanks again!


Dear Mr. Merl,

How are you? I am doing good. I found a job today. I have recommended you to my friends.

Gayani Kumarasiri
Diploma in Applied Management - Level 07, New Zealand


We arrived in New Zealand safely and doing really well. Staff at the institute is really kind, friendly and very helpful. My lecturers give their fullest support to help me catch up the previous lessons which I missed and student support team is also kind. The people here are friendly.

Nelson is a very beautiful place to live. It has a fabulous environment and the weather is also good. Last few days, there were little showers but most of the time it is sunny. Give my kind regards to Dilhani as well. Thank you So much for your great help and guidance you gave us.



Piyumika Fernando
Bachelor of Commerce, New Zealand

Hi Mr. Perera

We arrived safely and the institute had arranged us comfortable accommodation. This is to thank you for your effort to make our dreams a success. So far, everything has been good and we have participated the orientation. I’ll contact you with further details. My loving regards to OES family and Ganesha too.


Thanuja Lakmali
Postgraduate Diploma in Business Enterprise - Level 08, New Zealand

Hi Mr. Merl,

Thank you very much for the support & guidance given to be a high flyer. We always appreciate your excellent service and the way you guided us to achieve this success. It has proved your proficiency and experience in student consultancy. Once again, I wish to thank you and the staff & hoping to write to you soon. Take care and God bless

Tharaka and Shani
Hi Mr. Merl

Hope you are doing good in SL. Everything is going smoothly and fine with us. I completed my lectures only last week and i got good grades for every subject. Shani got a permanent full time job at a leading dairy export company in NZ and from this Monday onwards I’m starting my part-time work at the same company. The management is really supportive.

Also the winter has already started, we moved to a new house and bought a new car. All good!!!. Last summer I played for the Invercargill domestic club cricket and they already invited me for continue this year as well. Kiwis are really good and helpful and we met very good companions here. We are really glad that everything worked out in just four months as we worked really hard to live our dreams. Everything was possible because of your guidance and support, without you this would not have been possible. Thank you very much Mr. Merl for everything. Give our regards to your staff too. Thanks again keep in touch tc.

With lots of love
Tharaka & Shani

Tharaka Gunasekera
Postgraduate Diploma in Business Enterprise - Level 08, New Zealand

Dear Mr. Merl Perera,

Thank you for giving me the best support to come to Luzern, Switzerland. This is a beautiful country and from next Monday we have lectures. Good airport pick-up, good food, good hostel and I also had a city tour in this beautiful city. I recommended you to several friends of mine.

Bishna Madusanka

Bishna Madusanka
Potgraduate Diploma in Hospitality Management, Switzerland