Overseas Education Services

Overseas Education Services is engaged in providing professional services for students who wish to study abroad. We have been operating since 2000 and has been well-known as a professional firm which offers the highest level of customer satisfaction.

The firm was established in 2000 with only two staff members and OES has gradually developed itself into a larger firm. Initially, OES recruited students to few selected universities in the world. Today, the organization works with over 100 business schools and universities around the world and these are in countries like New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland, USA, Singapore & Canada. OES recruits students for various academic programs including Business Management, IT, Engineering, Law, Hospitality & Tourism, Early Childhood Education, Agriculture, Sports, Nursing & many more.

So far, the company has recruited over 500 students to foreign universities & colleges for studies and our staff members have been invited for many prestigious events from universities and various associations as a result of great work relationship.

Moreover, OES recruits students to schools for secondary education. This is a unique service offered in Sri Lanka for children under 18 who are able to attend schools in the USA, Australia & New Zealand and OES is one of the few agents who provide this service.