OES Services (NZ) Limited

OES Group took a big step forward by founding a company in Auckland, New Zealand in September 2012. The Auckland-based company is mainly engaged in recruiting students to secondary education providers in New Zealand, Australia, USA & Canada. We also arrange study tours to various colleges which enables students who wish to join secondary schools to visit the school for a short period to learn more about the school and its culture before enrolling.

Do you wish to join a secondary school in New Zealand/Australia/USA/Canada? Yes

Do you prefer to visit the school before joining? Yes

We are able to assist you according to your needs

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Additionally, tertiary students who have completed their first course program and would like to continue their studies in New Zealand are able to contact OES Services for any queries.

Are you an international student in New Zealand? Yes

Have you completed the course program you first enrolled in? Yes

Are you willing to continue your tertiary education in New Zealand? Yes

Then, we are able to assist you to continue your studies